Animated Media works with partners and resellers around the globe to offer multimedia software solutions. By collaborating with these companies, we are able to focus on our core expertise while addressing the growing demands of our customers and delivering the best solutions.

Partners & Resellers

Our partner ecosystem consists of companies and organizations that provide hardware and software solutions to support multimedia & Flash content in a diverse range of vertical markets.  They include CPU and GPU manufacturers, UI and HMI tools and 3D visualization vendors, embedded database suppliers, OS and RTOS companies, and testing and SQA providers.

Some of our partners include:

  • The Bauhub - Participant in this global "Creative Collective" group
  • Evermight - Web developers
  • worX4you - Software Solutions on Demand (Software QA Testing)

Other Programs

We are actively involved with Flash, mobile, and software developer groups, as well as other emerging technology startups and organizations.  Our involvement with these groups and organizations provide us with critical market knowledge on how innovative companies are utilizing and implementing these technologies in their products.   We also participate in a number of developer programs in order to gain valuable early access and insights into new technologies and to support our product development on those platforms including the Apple iOS Developer’s Program, ARM Connected Community Partner, QNX Partner Network Program, among others.

If you are interested in becoming an Animated Media Reseller or VAR, please contact us at sales (at) animatedmedia (dot) ca.