Our solutions focus on enabling innovative, multimedia UIs in mobile apps.  We built our development framework called the VGK Platform, an integrated software suite that lets us use the best creation tools for the job with existing components to simplify the app development process. We invite you to take a look through our products and markets pages to get an idea of the VGK Platform's features and benefits, applicable applications, and the vertical markets that we support.

Our Demos page highlights various vertical market demo applications to illustrate the many ways our products can be used and integrated into specific projects showcasing sophisticated and interactive user interfaces.  Our products are designed to provide optimized performance on lower-power devices that can have slower CPUs (relative to desktops), limited memory, and that may or may not have a GPU. 

Our design and development philosopy is to build one awesome, compelling UI and deploy it across platforms regardless of OS.  With our technology, you can achieve true cross-platform compatibilty, with a single code-base.  We favor SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) based user interfaces versus a standard UI built upon bitmaps, jpegs, or other graphics images.  SVG objects automatically scale to different screen sizes.  Using a standard UI, you have to create a set of different sized images files for all the different resolutions on which the image will be displayed. This means the standard UI development process is not only costly and time-consuming; it can also create inconsistency in the way images are created and viewed across devices.